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Vu Nguyen Hong was born in 1976 in Hai Duong, Vietnam. He graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts in 2000, and was admitted member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association in 2003 after his successful debut solo exhibition.

Nguyen chooses to work with lacquer, oil, acrylic and composite materials as the media to express his personal artistic language. In his world of arts, space, time and anything that belongs to the nature are always preset with a very exotic emotion. A modest and serious artist with a critical and disciplined working manner, besides his success with oil, acrylic and composite materials, Nguyen has come a long way in contemporary arts with his oriental lacquer work. Relentless exploration and creativity has brought him many new techniques in creating new materials and achieving super flat surfaces. Nguyen is regarded as one of the flagship young artists working with lacquer in Vietnam.

Beside his love for painting, Nguyen is also active in several other activities to promote the overall development of Vietnam’s arts. He was invited by an art-loving businessman to develop the concept and development orientation for an art project involving painting and sculpture in Vietnam. In 2015, Art In The Forest was launched in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. After two years in operation, the project has received high appreciations from art professionals and art lovers.

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